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Arts Discussion WTVP Studio – Q&A with arts community

Rocco Landesman: I'm not really here to make pronouncements, I think I've made enough already (laughter, cutaway to studio audience).  My real purpose is to come and listen, to be educated, to find out what's going on all across the country in cities very much like Peoria. 

Warehouse District Tour

Rocco Landesman:  Art is an important part of the economy.  Artists have real jobs.  Artists are entrepreneurs.  They are small businessmen. 

Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis: Welcome to Peoria, this is going to be fun. 

Rocco Landesman: Great to be here.

Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis: the voters approved a tax increase for the new museum --

Rocco Landesman: ...with union support

Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis: ...between that and we have a convention hotel that's going to go in right across the street the Civic Center, they'll both mean a lot of jobs. 

Warehouse District tour 24:47

Rocco Landesman: Omigosh.

Thomas Warren: Nice to meet you after looking at you for so long.

Peoria Civic Center, Arts Roundtable, November 6, 2009 

Carol Colletta: Sixty four percent of them say first they choose the city they want to live in, then they look for a job.  So this whole idea of vibrancy and liveability that art and artists create is actually critical in terms of choice of cities and attracting talent.

Fran Donohue: We have a huge impact on the community that we rehearse in, we bring 200 kids in every week, and their parents are shopping in the shops and eating in the restaurants.  We are supporting the school districts for all the communities that we serve, because a lot of them are cutting their programs, or don't even have programs.

Ryan Spain: So when you think about arts and why they are so important, why in Peoria we invest our own local tax dollars in arts activities, this is the reason why.

Kristan McKinsey: I also look forward to the all of the potential collaborations within the arts community here, and how that can be sold to the rest of the state and the rest of the country to make this an arts destination.

Wendy Holmes: It's the individual artists in this community who are going to make this something special.  Individual artists are part of all the arts organizations in this community.  I want to see a Peoria that has a vibrant downtown, where creative people are part of the infrastructure, and there are people living and working and shopping and doing everything they need to do downtown.

Rocco Landesman: I'm a theater guy, and theater is all about collaboration.  And what I've heard all around the table today is that exactly that ethos.  We have developers, we have government, we have individuals, we have corporations, we have organizations, and the spirit around this table has been unbelievably collaborative and mutually supportive.  I think that bodes very well for Peoria and its environs.