Transcript of Mose Allison on Jazz

"Train" under

HOST MARK RUFFIN: Now, a Jazz Moment. Rooted in the blues of his native Mississippi, 2013 NEA Jazz Master Mose Allison created his own sound by combining a variety of styles.

MOSE ALLISON: I feel like there are elements of my playing that are strictly New Orleans shuffle and along the way I also feel like I’m still doing some Kansas City swing and some bebop. I feel like these elements are all part of what I’m doing.

"Train" fades into "Saturday," up and hot

MOSE ALLISON: My definition of jazz is music that’s felt, thought, and performed simultaneously. And that’s what I’m looking for every night.

"Saturday," up and hot

MARK RUFFIN: This Jazz Moment with Mose Allison was produced by the National Endowment for the Arts.