Transcript of Lou Donaldson on "Blues Walk"

RUFFIN: Now, a Jazz Moment.

"Blues Walk" up and hot

HOST MARK RUFFIN: NEA Jazz Master Lou Donaldson makes a point to open up every show with his signature hit, "Blues Walk."

LOU DONALDSON: Oh, yeah. Yeah. That’s my theme song. Gotta good groove, a good groove to it.

MARK RUFFIN: 1958’s "Blues Walk" showcases Donaldson's musical identity, which is rooted in the spirituals he heard as a kid.

DONALDSON: It’s a cross between blues and bebop, you know. It’s in between there somewhere. Because naturally most of my stuff is what we would call on the soul side. Because of all the experience I had with my father and church music, spiritual music.

"Blues Walk" to the end

MARK RUFFIN: This Jazz Moment with alto saxophonist Lou Donaldson was produced by the National Endowment for the Arts.