Transcript of Harold Burnham

Harold Burnham: What I'm doing is I'm carrying on a tradition that's almost 400 years old in a very small town. Each generation, as they improve on methods and materials and workmanship -- they're not only in many cases learned from the past, sometimes things are lost -- but they develop standards of workmanship and they develop a pride in who they are and a sense of place. And what makes shipbuilding important to me is not that the fact that I'm an 11th generation, but that I'm carrying on an ancient tradition in an area, in a place, where it's happened for many generations. And many of my friends are just as closely tied to the shipbuilding tradition as I am. And they feel a sense of pride in what I do, and they feel a connection to what I do. And when we launch a boat here in this town, where it's happened for so many years, so many people can feel connected to that launching and come down and share in that experience. So it's a part of the culture to me.